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How do you stop TV commercials from getting louder?

Go to settings and look for volume or loudness control, automatic gain control, audio compression, or audio limiters. These can be adjusted to provide a “more consistent volume level across programs and commercials,” according to the FCC. The FCC relies on viewers to alert them when a commercial is too loud.

Why is my TV louder during commercials?

The television sound is louder during a commercial or when changing between television channels. Most TV commercials are created to be loud simply so you can hear the advertisement and get your attention. So, technically, a commercial cannot be any louder than the loudest portion of the TV program you are watching.

Are TV commercials louder than their surrounding programs?

No matter what you think you’ve heard, TV commercials really don’t get louder than the programs they accompany. Production tricks only make them sound like they do. It’s called “inconsistent” or “perceived” loudness. Perceived or not, the problem likely will get worse with digital television.

Is the CALM Act still in effect?

The much-desired TV commercial volume control law – the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act – is now in effect, but you can bet your eardrums there will be violations.

Why are commercials so loud on YouTube TV?

So exactly why are YouTube ads this loud? The first thing you need to know is audio dynamic range. Dynamic range is the average variation or range between the loudest noise and the quietest noise of any content’s audio. For content like movies, or any type of video for that matter, the dynamic range is kept high.

How do I keep the volume constant on my LG TV?

Select All Settings at the bottom right. Select Sound. Select Sound Mode, then select Standard or Clear Voice to see which sounds best to you. Select Volume Mode and turn on Auto Volume to try to regulate and increase and decrease the volume automatically.