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What did Crusoe think of Friday and what did Crusoe teach him?

What did Crusoe think of Friday, and what did Crusoe teach him? Crusoe greatly delighted in Friday. He taught Friday to be a useful servant and to speak the English language.

Which port of France did Crusoe take ship from?

The result was that the ship was captured and Crusoe was taken prisoner and carried to the port of Sallee. Crusoe was not used as badly as were the other members of the crew. He was kept by the master of the ship and was made the master’s personal slave.

Why is Friday excited when he sees the cannibals captive in the boat?

Why is Friday excited when he sees the cannibals’ captive in the boat? The captive is Friday’s father.

What did Defoe write?

Daniel Defoe is best known as the writer of the novels Robinson Crusoe (1719) and Moll Flanders (1722). During his lifetime he gained fame—and notoriety—for his poems, political pamphlets, and journalism.

When Did Robinson Crusoe leave the island?


What happens to XURY at the end of Chapter 3?

What happens to Xury at the end of Chapter 3? d. Crusoe sells him to the Portuguese captain. What does Xury do to prove his loyalty?

Where Did Robinson go in the first journey?

The adventures of Robinson Crusoe involve eight voyages in all. The first voyage, set in 1652, takes the adventurous twenty-year old Robinson from his home in York to Great Yarmouth, and then to London. The second voyage takes him on a trading voyage from London to Guinea on the west coast of Africa.

Why did Robinson pray when he saw the footprint?

Robinson thought it was the footprint of a savage. He was afraid that savages would kill and eat him. So he prayed for protection.

Why did Robinson run back to his home as fast as he could?

Answer. (i) I was frightened but curious. (iii) I ran fast as I could because I was frightened. (iv) I was very tired and confused.