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What is an example of a demonstrative adjective?

A demonstrative adjective is a special adjective (often called a determiner) that identifies a noun or pronoun by expressing its position as near or far (including in time). The demonstrative adjectives are ‘this,’ ‘that,’ ‘these,’ and ‘those.

Which of the following sentence contains a demonstrative adjective Weegy?

The sentence ” This hat is his.” contains a demonstrative adjective. There are no new answers.

What are the demonstrative adjectives in English?

Demonstrative adjectives are special adjectives or determiners used to identify or express the relative position of a noun in time or space. A demonstrative adjective comes before all other adjectives in the noun phrase. Some common demonstrative adjectives are this, that, these, and those.

How many demonstrative are there?

four demonstratives

How do you use demonstrative?

Demonstrative determiners tell you that the noun or noun phrase is specific. You use a specific determiner when you know that the person who is reading your writing or listening to you knows what you are referring to. In other words, you have a clear antecedent.

Which are the demonstrative pronouns?

A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that represents a noun and expresses its position as near or far (including in time). The demonstrative pronouns are “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.”

How do you use demonstrative in a sentence?

He’s very demonstrative and very in charge but he’s very bossy, too. He might seem to be a demonstrative person to you, but he’s not! He has a lovely sense of humour, but he’s not a demonstrative man. Willis is a demonstrative player who wears his emotions on his sleeve.

How do you differentiate between this and that?

Sometimes, the difference between this and that is quite subtle. We often use this to refer to something (e.g. an idea or suggestion) that you are about to say and we use that to refer something that you just mentioned: Let’s go to the cinema.

What kind of parts of speech is some?

Some can be a pronoun, an adverb or a determiner – Word Type….some used as a pronoun:

  • A certain number, at least one. “Some enjoy spicy food, others prefer it milder.”
  • An indefinite quantity.
  • An indefinite amount, a part.

What type of word is some?

Some is a determiner and a pronoun..