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Which paraphrase of the passage is the best Brainly?

Answer: The paraphrase of the passage that is the best is Brutus explains that if people ask why he killed Caesar, he will tell them that it is not because he did not love Caesar, but because he loved Rome more.

Why does the Cyclops invite Odysseus back to the island he realizes that Odysseus was destined to take his eye?

Answer. He realizes that Odysseus was destined to take his eye. He wants to obey the Greek custom of providing food and shelter to guests. He fears far more harm will come to him if does not befriend Odysseus.

What does Odysseus ask for the Cyclops to give him?

What does Odysseus give the cyclops as a gift? He gave the cyclops wine, so as to get him drunk when which Odysseus and his men blinded the cyclops. He said that he would eat all of his men while he watched and save Odysseus for last.

What is ironic about Odysseus interaction with the Cyclops?

There is also some wordplay going on as a result of Odysseus telling Polyphemus that his name is actually “Nobody.” Unbeknownst to the Cyclops (hence, the dramatic irony identified by the other commenter), this isn’t Odysseus’s real name, and so his assertion that he will eat Nobody last could be considered ironic; he …

Why does Eurylochus fear snare?

What makes Eurylochus fear “a snare”? Circe is said to be singing a pretty song and she looks like a goddess which makes them believe she poses no threat. Eurylochus fears “a snare” because of many innocent people following her and being put into a trance.

What words in line 82 remind you that this part is a flashback?

The words, two long days and nights, until, and then show the passage of time. 8. What words in line 82 remind you that this part is a flashback? The phrase that time indicates that Odysseus is retelling one of the many incidents that happened on his journey.

Why does Calypso finally let Odysseus go?

Calypso allows Odysseus to leave her island because she understands that, despite Odysseus sleeping with her, his heart longs for his wife and home.