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Which sentence uses a modifier correctly?

The right answer for the question that is being asked and shown above is that: “D. Screaming for mercy, the felon was escorted from the courtroom by armed guards.” the sentence that uses a modifier correctly is that D. Screaming for mercy, the felon was escorted from the courtroom by armed guards.

Which are modifiers?

In this case, “which” would be the correct modifier. You’ll also notice that in each example of a non-restrictive modifier, we set it off with a comma. This is also a telling indicator on the GMAT of which modifier is the correct choice. Whew!

What is the meaning of determiners?

A determiner is a word placed in front of a noun to specify quantity (e.g., “one dog,” “many dogs”) or to clarify what the noun refers to (e.g., “my dog,” “that dog,” “the dog”).

How do you teach determiners to students?

How students are taught about determiners in school.

  1. Set worksheets that imitate the Year 6 grammar test like above.
  2. Ask students to pick out determiners in a class text.
  3. Set a challenge to include as many determiners as possible in 5 sentences.
  4. Use Grammar with Emile to test and consolidate their understanding.

What is the determiner in a sentence?

A determiner is a word which modifies a noun within a sentence, giving it more context for the reader. For instance, “this chair” or “my book”.

What are the 8 types of determiners?

Common kinds of determiners include definite and indefinite articles (like the English the and a or an), demonstratives (this and that), possessive determiners (my and their), cardinal numerals, quantifiers (many, both, all and no), distributive determiners (each, any), and interrogative determiners (which).

What type of determiner is both?

both ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌ Both can be used in the following ways: as a determiner (followed by a noun, but not by a pronoun): Both children are at school. as a predeterminer (followed by a word such as ‘the’, ‘this’, ‘his’ etc): I like both these pictures.

What is determiner and its type?

Definition of Determiners – Determiners are those words that are prefixed before nouns to determine their meaning. They can be divided into the following types: 1) Articles- a, an, the. 2) Demonstratives- this, that, these, those. 3) Possessives- my, your, our, his, her, its, their.

What are determiners in English grammar class 9?

‘Determiner’ is a word used before a noun to indicate which things or people we are talking about. The words ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘my’, ‘this’, ‘some’, ‘many’, etc. are called determiners: He is a good boy.

How do you write a class 9 diary entry?


  1. A good diary writing contains the place, the date, the day and even the time of writing.
  2. A diary doesn’t need any formal heading.
  3. The style and tone is generally informal and personal.
  4. As the diary is writer’s personal document, the diary entry doesn’t need any signature.