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Who does Eddie Meet in Heaven?

The Captain The second person Eddie meets in heaven; his former war captain. He explained that, although he shot Eddie, he kept his promise by not leaving him behind and even sacrificed his life so Eddie and two other soldiers were able to live.

Who is the 5th person that Eddie meets in heaven did Eddie save the girl?


Who will be one of Annie or Amy’s people she meets in heaven?

Who will be one of Annie or Amy’s people she meets in Heaven? Eddie.

Where does Eddie meet the fourth person in heaven?

Chapter 10 – The Fourth Person Eddie Meets in Heaven: Eddie finds himself in a round building with many doors. Behind each door is a wedding reception from from a different culture; Each reception is full of merriment and festivity..

What happened on Eddie’s 39th birthday?

On the day of Eddie’s 39th birthday, he and his friend Noel are gambling at the racetrack. She and Eddie became too old to adopt a child and a silence fell between them; Eddie stopped betting on the horses and eventually stopped seeing Noel as a result of his guilt.

What ultimately paid for Eddie’s funeral?

Who pays for Eddie’s funeral? The park owner, with Eddie’s paycheck.

Why does Eddie’s Father forgive Mickey?

He makes Eddie get a job. Why does Eddie’s father forgive Mickey Shea? Eddie’s father does not love his wife. Mickey has a drinking problem and does not act out on purpose.

What does Eddie’s Father see?

He finds a diner and can see all of the patrons inside, who appeared to all be from different decades. Eddie sees his father through one of the diner windows; he bangs on the window and yells for him, but he never looks up.

How is Eddie’s journey to heaven described?

This brief chapter describes Eddie’s journey to heaven. Eddie is floating and he does not feel any pain. He remembers lunging toward the little girl but he is not sure if he saved her or not. The end of this chapter brings us back to Eddie’s fifth birthday at Ruby Pier.

What was Talas heaven?

Eddie’s fifth person in heaven, a little Filipino girl who Eddie unknowingly kills while he and his unit are escaping captivity during the war. Tala is affectionate, trusting, and wise.