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Why do foreign singers sing in English?

Since so many people speak English, those bands have a better chance of selling more songs in English than they would in their native tongue, which far less fewer people speak or understand. they only tour non English speaking countries but always sing in english.

Why do I close my eyes when I eat?

When we close our eyes while we eat something delicious, it is because we want to truly savor the food and flavors in our mouth at that moment. By closing our eyes, we reduce any distractions around us. It’s much like a blind person experiencing heightened hearing to compensate for their loss of sight.

Why do we close our eyes when we feel good?

When you are having a great feeling, the physical images from our surroundings can interfere with the frequency that great feeling produces, in other words, they are a distraction up to certain extent while that feeling is triggered. Instead, we let our inner mind draws a painting guided by that great feeling.

Why should we use mobile in left ear?

Why you should use this ear when talking on the phone The recommendation comes from phone signal engineer Harun Šiljak, who’s done a fair bit of research. He found that overall the best outcome for decreasing phone radiation to your body and increasing signal is not to hold the phone at all (hello hands free).

Can looking down at your phone cause dizziness?

While lots of people chalk up this woozy, dizzy, and sometimes nauseous feeling to eye strain or a headache, experts are now saying that the real culprit is your phone’s screen — and all the action you take in while you’re using it.

How do you stop Cybersickness?

How can I prevent cyber sickness?

  1. Take breaks. A good cure for motion sickness at sea is to stare at the horizon.
  2. Chew gum. The repetitive motion of chewing gum may help to relieve the symptoms of cyber sickness.
  3. Take deeper breaths. When we use screens we tend to take shallow breaths – also known as screen apnea.