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Why magnetic field inside solenoid is uniform?

Magnetic fields inside the solenoid is uniform because magnitude remain equal and direction of magnetic field remain same at each point of solenoid. The wires in solenoid are parallel which allows uniform magnetic field and and is directed along the axis of the solenoid.

What is the magnetic field at the center of a solenoid?

For the first part, since the solenoid is long we can approximate the magnetic field inside to be uniform and is given by Bz=μ0NI, so we can say that the magnetic field at the center is also μ0NI.

What is difference between bar magnet and solenoid?

Difference between a Bar Magnet and a Solenoid The bar magnet is a permanent magnet whereas a solenoid is an electromagnet ie, it acts as a magnet only when an electric current is passed through. The poles of the bar magnet are fixed whereas for a solenoid the poles can be altered.

What happens when a freely suspended current carrying solenoid is brought near iron fillings?

Explanation: A current-carrying solenoid behaves like a bar magnet. So, a freely suspended current-carrying solenoid also attracts iron objects. when current is not passed the solenoid loses its property of a magnet.

Why does a current carrying loop of wire always point in north-south direction when freely suspended?

Answer. A solenoid is coil of many circular turns of insulated copper wire wrapped closely in the shape of a cylinder. So the current carrying solenoid when suspended freely comes to rest in North -South direction just like a freely suspended bar magnet.

What effect will there be on a magnetic compass when it is brought near a current carrying solenoid?

When magnetic compass with the north end is brought closer to the 1st end of the solenoid, the needle deflects towards the west, that is, away from the solenoid because the magnetic compass that is pointing in the direction of the earth’s magnetic field, i.e. north- south direction repels with the north pole of current …

How does a current carrying solenoid?

A current carrying solenoid behaves as an electromagnet. This means that a current – carrying solenoid behaves as having a north pole and the South Pole. The strong magnetic field produced inside a solenoid can be used to magnetise a piece of magnetic material like soft iron when placed inside the coil.

What meant by solenoid?

: a coil of wire usually in cylindrical form that when carrying a current acts like a magnet so that a movable core is drawn into the coil when a current flows and that is used especially as a switch or control for a mechanical device (such as a valve)

What is solenoid draw the magnetic field lines showing the magnetic field inside and outside the current-carrying solenoid?

A solenoid is a coil of a large number of circular turns of wire wrapped in the shape of a cylinder. On passing electric current, a magnetic field is developed along the axis of solenoid. Magnetic field lines are drawn below.

What is the use of solenoid?

A solenoid is a basic term for a coil of wire that we use as an electromagnet. We also refer to the device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy as a solenoid. Actually it generates a magnetic field for creating linear motion from the electric current. With the use of a magnetic field.

What is solenoid and how it works?

A solenoid is a device comprised of a coil of wire, the housing and a moveable plunger (armature). When an electrical current is introduced, a magnetic field forms around the coil which draws the plunger in. More simply, a solenoid converts electrical energy into mechanical work.